Five Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf

Happy Weekend Friends!

I’m so glad the weekend is here; we are planning on going to the pumpkin patch this weekend and picking out our very first pumpkins of the season.  It may be hot outside still but I am in full on FALL mode.  There are two types of people when in September isn’t there? 1) Those who are into everything fall and pumpkin spice as soon as September 1st rolls around (me) and 2) The eye rollers and pumpkin haters who refuse to admit summer is over.  Which one are you?!

Even if it is still warm outside, I am planning for cooler weather and starting to gather some key pieces together, including this versatile blanket scarf.  A blanket scarf is such a staple piece for the season and can be worn in so many ways, maybe in more ways than you think.  I used to only style a blanket scarf one way: with leggings and a sweater and maybe a tall pair of boots.  But once you realize how many different ways you actually can style the scarf, you will never get bored when it comes to your outfits!

Here are some of my favourite ways to style a scarf this season.

  1. Add a belt and wear it like a shawl



To create this look, I pair a solid mid length sweater with basic or coloured leggings, boots, and the blanket scarf, then accessorize with a classy floppy hat.  This one of the more cozier ways to style the scarf.  Just drape it around your shoulders and cinch it at the waist with a thin belt.  These burgundy leggings are from Black Sheep Leggings and are sooo soft.  They carry a huge selection of both solid and patterned looks.





2. Pair with a swing dress, jean jacket, and boots

I love this look because it really is so simple.  Everyone thinks a dress is fancy, but it’s actually so much more simple to throw on and accessorize one key piece.  I love pairing my scarf with a solid dress in fall tones like burgundy, olive green, or mustard yellow but you can also mix it up and pair with a patterned dress too.  This is also a good transition look too as you can wear the jacket in the early morning when its cooler and take it off in the afternoon when it warms up.  September weather is so unpredictable sometimes!





3. Dressed up with a blazer and ankle boots

For a classier look, pair your scarf with a clean cut blazer in basic black or coloured, solid leggings or jeans, and an ankle boot.  I love this maroon blazer for the fall.





4. Pair with stripes for a contrasting pattern


I used to fully shy away from contrasting patterns of any sort, but for some reason, I am really drawn to the blanket scarf and stripes combo.  Maybe its the fact the blanket scarf also has stripes, just in different colours and widths.  You can also tie the scarf in the classic triangle shape or drape it around your shoulders for a different look.






5. Accessorize with a floppy hat and ripped jeans

You can dress up the scarf by pairing it with a dress or blazer, and you can also dress it down with a tank top (and cardigan if its cool), big floppy hat, ripped denim, and ankle or biker boots.



Shoutout to my mom for putting up with my picture taking!



BONUS: 6. Incorporate it into your fall decor


Just kidding…or maybe I’m not.  If you saw my post showcasing my favourite fall decor, then you may recognize this scarf. When I’m not wearing it, I may use it as a backdrop for my pumpkins and pine cones. 😉

 Thanks for reading!  You can shop some of favourite key pieces for fall below.

Happy Weekending!
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  1. ashleyharg

    This is so helpful!! And i absolutely love that scarf too! 😉

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you so much!

  2. Carly

    Great post! I love a good blanket scarf!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thanks girl!

  3. Such great ideas! I love how you styled the scarf

    1. bekahbedard

      Awe thank you so much!

  4. Those are some great ideas!! It makes me want a blanket scarf! It looks so cozy!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thanks so much! Yes, it is definitely cozy 🙂

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