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A Grateful Heart


As we approach the season of Thanksgiving, I always find I start to brainstorm and think about the things that I truly am thankful for in my life, both big and small.  I know sometimes it can happen to the best of us, where we start to complain more than we give thanks, think about what’s wrong rather than what’s right, and focus on ourselves too much rather than what we can do for others.  Thanksgiving always helps to put this in perspective.

My baby


We have so much to be thankful for and I thought I would write out a little list of a few things I’m grateful for to share with you.

1) A God who loves me and my family (and YOU) so much he chose to die for us while we were still sinners and wants a relationship with us

2) Crisp autumn walks and crunching leaves

Sign from Brush Up Lettering


3) My amazing husband and our little happy marriage

4) One of my biggest blessings in the whole world – My Darling Addison and all the joy that she brings to our lives daily

5) Baking up something sweet and the look on my husband’s face when he tastes it

6) Sharing an incredibly close bond with my mom (and dad)


8) Our home and living in the beautiful country of Canada

9) The gift of being alive and healthy

10) This little space to share my thoughts with you

11) My education

A few of my favourite things – Sign from Brush Up Lettering


12)Long talks in coffee shop corners

13) My faith


14) Getting lost in a book or writing a journal entry if only for a moment


15) The crazy ups and downs of life

Those are just a few of the many things I am thankful for both at this time of year, and all year round.  I challenge you to really think about what you’re thankful for in your life, and write out a list.  A good old fashioned, hard copy list.  Creating a gratitude list, and brainstorming really helps you to focus in on your blessings and gives you a fresh outlook.

Even if things don’t seem to be going your way, I guarantee you, you can come up with at least a few things you are thankful for.  Reflect on the often overlooked things we are blessed with in Canada like clean water, a roof over our heads, and a bed to sleep in at night.  Ask God to create in you a grateful heart; a heart that looks at the glass half-full, rather than half empty, and a heart that looks to give rather than get.

And check out my sweet friend’s page, Brush Up Lettering, to see more of her amazing work like the signs pictured in this post.


Have a lovely thanksgiving with friends and family.  I’m thankful for your support on my little blog.

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  1. Great post. Love the idea of writing out a physical list of things we are thankful for.

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you Adree!

  2. YES!!!!! So beautiful. Love it, and I’m so grateful for GRACE and so much as well. Lovely photos, family, blog and post! 🙂

    1. bekahbedard

      Awe thank you so much Tabitha! xo

  3. So many of my favorite fall things! ‘Tis the season of thanksgiving! <3

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you girl!

  4. One of my friends started doing “Thankful Thursdays” and every week she shares what she is thankful for. Always a great reminder that there is something to be thankful for.

    1. bekahbedard

      Awe that is such a great idea! There truly is.

  5. Samantha Kuzyk-Raising Twincesses

    With all of the terrible things happening in the world lately it’s so nice to read about all of the good stuff, and be reminded of everything we have to be thankful for!

    1. bekahbedard

      Awe thank you Samantha! I agree, there is always something to be thankful for!

  6. Such a lovely tribute to all the things around you to be thankful for and a good reminder for us all to do the same.

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you so much Marquita! Appreciate your comment. 🙂

  7. Love all of these things! I want to start writing out the things I’m thankful for too!!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂 it’s definitely a great reminder when you write out a list!

  8. this time of year always makes me super grateful!

    1. bekahbedard

      Me too!

  9. YESS!!! I need a list like this in my life. Sometimes its so easy to become overwhelmed and concentrate on all the negative in your life. We all have so much to be thankful for!!

    Also, can we be best friends? I want to visit Canada so badly!

    1. bekahbedard

      We really do! But it is definitely easy to become overwhelmed. Yes! Come visit!

  10. Yes! i always try to stay thankful and grateful for what i have been given no matter how little it is.

    1. bekahbedard

      Me too! It’s hard sometimes but definitely worth it!

  11. I love this list! And especially that you start it with the most important to be thankful for – our Savior!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thanks Nikki!

  12. What a great post! It’s so important to remind ourselves of how truly blessed we are!

    1. bekahbedard

      Awe thank you Brittany! It’s so true!

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