Valentine’s Gift Guide For Her

I just love the Valentine’s season.  Okay, I really just love conversation hearts and V-Day chocolate.  This time of year also has me thinking about gifts, what to give the husband and also about some cute items I’ve had my eye on.  These are some of my favorite things to indulge in this time of year, and can be helpful for pointing your man in the right direction because who else knows most guys are completely clueless when it comes to shopping for their partner!  You can also go ahead and treat yourself because goodness knows you deserve it.

Gift Guide



1) Notebooks

These striped gold and pink notebooks are so feminine and functional.  I love a good notebook, and have way too many, but I just can’t say no to something so pretty.

2) Lipstick

I love the feminine pink colour of this MAC lipstick, but they do a run a little bit on the pricier side.  I also love the new soft matte lipsticks from NYX that are almost a perfect dupe and run for under ten dollars.  No one would ever be able to tell the difference!

3) Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are so pretty and naturally handmade with wholesome ingredients like cocoa and shea butter.  They smell good and are good for your skin!

4) Chemise

This one is for you, but is also a nice idea for the hubby. 😉 La Senza always makes the prettiest pieces this time of year; perfect for making you feel pretty and feminine…and a lot nicer than the usual baggy tees and oversized sweats.

5) Marc Jacobs Daisy 

This blend of grapefruit, musk, vanilla, and strawberry smells divine and comes in the cutest bottle.  You can also give the smaller size a try for under $20.

6) Women’s Watch

I never used to wear watches, but I have recently become interested in them once again.  With all the pretty styles and colours to choose from, they are now more of a fashion accessory than a time piece.  This light pink one is perfect for a date night and is a cheaper option than the above.

7) Bath Bomb

I couldn’t resist adding another bath bomb into the mix.  They are just so fun and make feeling pampered such a breeze. These ones come in a pack of 14 and also include moisturizing shea butter perfect for dry winter skin.

8) Mug

I love a good coffee mug, and this one is sure to bring a smile to your face every morning.  Hallmark also has a great selection of other mugs including great travel mugs as well.

9) Slippers 

You can’t go wrong with slippers.  Especially these pink, fluffy, somewhat tacky, but incredible cozy ones.

10) Too Faced Melted Long Wear Lipsticks 

This is another incredible buy.  The too faced melted lipsticks are so amazing.  They deliver a bold longwearing lip colour as well as a hint of glossy shine.  The blush pink and deeper red colours are perfect for Valentine’s Dinner.  Pair that with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and you’ll achieve the bombshell look in no time.

And while we’re on the subject of Valentine’s…I just couldn’t help but share a few pics of my baby girl all decked out for her first V-Day.  She just melts my heart!




Happy Valentine’s everybody and happy shopping!

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    1. bekahbedard

      Awe thank you! And I know right?!

  1. wincosaver

    I love these ideas!! That baby though….She is so adorable!! 🙂

    1. bekahbedard

      thank you!!!

  2. Amazing ideas!!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you!

  3. Love the ideas! Would it be bad to buy myself that mug?! 😉

    1. bekahbedard

      Of course not! 😉

  4. I am IN LOVE with marc jacobs daisy! Seriously the best perfume!

    1. bekahbedard

      It’s so nice! 😍👌

  5. What fun ideas! Everything except the watch is something I would love to get. I’m just not a watch person lol

    I really love a good note book and lipstick!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you! Yes I’m not always a watch person but when it comes in pink I just can’t resist 😉 lol

  6. I think I would like to try a new scent. Now is as good of a time as ever.

    1. bekahbedard

      You should go for it!

  7. I want to try that long lasting lipstick! Hahah omg your baby is so cute! Happy Valentine’s to her<3

    1. bekahbedard

      It’s the best! And thank you! 💗

  8. I love that mug!!! So cute. But the star of this post is definitely your little one!! How stinkin cute!!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you girl! 💕

  9. lavyenrose

    Thank you for putting this together!! It’ll be so helpful… for my hubby 🙂

    P.s. Your girl is ADORABLE!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you!!!

  10. Great post… I LOVE NYX!!!! A fraction of the cost of MAC their butter lipstick is my go to…and I’m a coffee mug fanatic… I’m running out of cupboard space lol Your daughter us such a cutie !

    1. bekahbedard

      Yes NYX is fantastic! And thank you!

  11. I love Daisy fragrance. Your baby is soooo cute!!!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thanks Hun!

  12. mommypointe

    These are all great items! I love a good MAC lipstick, they are my absolute favorite and your little girl is tooo cute!

    1. bekahbedard

      Thank you so much! And isn’t MAC the best?!

  13. Your daughter is so adorable! And love Too Faced Melted lipsticks, they really are long lasting which is so, so lovely to find. GREAT gift guide!!!

    1. bekahbedard

      Awe thank you so much! You are too kind!

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